Non-Potable Water

Clifton Water truck
Clifton Water Trucking is proud to provide our customers with quick and efficient bulk water delivery when you need it most. Our water delivery service is specific to each individual based on their needs. For our clients who need clean drinking water, we use our potable water trucks. However, if you are not using the water for drinking, we will take advantage of our non-potable water trucks for the delivery.

The non-potable trucks our water company use are iron tanks that carry the amount of water you need for your water storage tanks.

Clifton Water Trucking is proud to provide the newest fleet of trucks in the country. Our trucks also have the largest volume tanks allowed by the department of transportation. We also have trucks that can pump water up to ½ mile away or up steep hillsides. We can handle remote locations or high volume water supply. We are also pleased to provide small amounts of water as well for tanks or for stand by.

Having a reliable team of experts that you can trust to take care of your water delivery the right way is important. As a professional water supplier, our priority is our customer’s utmost satisfaction with our services. We ensure that we will provide you with the best service that is customized specifically to your needs. For more information or any questions, please contact us today!