Dust Control

Dust Control Services for Construction Sites

Whether it’s a residential or commercial job site, dust is almost always unavoidable. And it can be even more than just an inconvenience. Let us help you solve your dust control issues and safely get rid of unwanted debris. Clifton Water Trucking offers non-potable water trucks to help you control the dust on your construction site. We’ll help you optimize the time spent on your construction project.

Job Site Dust: More Than Just an Inconvenience

Of all the potential risks you encounter on a construction site—from operating heavy machinery to installing new electrical systems—dust probably seems like the least of your worries. While it may not be as threatening as a table saw or nail gun, it really should be on your radar.

Some of the potential health risks associated with dust on a job site include:

• Difficulty seeing
• Allergic reactions
• Increased problems with asthma
• Lung disease, emphysema

Because dust has the potential to cause such severe health risks for you and your team, it’s best to control the dust as best as possible.

About Our Dust Control Water Trucks

We can deliver 4,000-gallon water trucks to your construction site for dust control, compaction, or other services. The water is non-potable, recycled water and can be used for commercial or residential projects. We service construction sites in Northern California.

Completed Projects

• Sonoma State Housing Project

Feel free to contact us for more information on dust control services. We’ll discuss our process and give you a quote on your next project.

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