Residential Watering Services

The Legal Way To Keep Your Grass Green

back yard lawn
Backyard with wooden fence and walkway. Backyard with green lawn and treeHas your garden, fields, plants or grass started suffering recently due to the water restrictions? Plants and greenery are important for creating oxygen, enhancing curb appeal, and promoting a healthier environment through storing carbon. Because plants are essential to our wellbeing, we are proud to offer a legal watering service, so you don’t have to worry about letting them die. With our residential watering services, we will help your vegetation or your lawn grow.

More About Our Residential Watering Services

With our non-potable storage tanks, we transfer 100% recycled, non-potable water to your home. We can send out 1,000-gallon trucks to water plants and lawns. This type of water meets the water conservation guidelines and keeps your plants green.

About Our Process

We are happy to cater to your specific needs. Whether you have a large lawn, a garden in the front and back of your home, or otherwise, we can provide a customized watering service that will give your grass and plants they water they need to blossom and grow. To create your own watering schedule from a one-time watering, to a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly watering, simply contact us and we will discuss your needs.

We know that the drought has been tough on plants. Don’t let your lawn suffer any longer. Give your home’s exterior the care it deserves to look and feel great with our safe, legal watering services. For more information about this service, or to ask any other additional questions, please contact us today!